If you’re a woman and you work in public education, we want you to know how the AEU can support you throughout your career.

If you thought that unions were full of
beefed-up tradies
on picket lines,
think again!
Most union members are

Hear our stories.

Most Australian educators are women. So it makes sense that supporting and advocating for women’s rights is part of our union’s DNA.

The union movement is a force for change. We don’t just stand up for your rights at work, we want to create a fairer society overall. That means fighting to remove discrimination — and we know that for many women in the workplace, that still exists. On this site you’ll find real stories from real women who talk about how joining the union has changed their lives, personally and professionally.


Flexible Work After Maternity Leave

The period after maternity leave can be extremely challenging. AEU Branches and Associated Bodies work hard every day to support women to make a fair transition back into the workplace.
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